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      All of our field crews are trained and equipped with the most current electronic data collectors and total stations, including a full robotic system, and complete sub-centimeter GPS surveying capability:

      • n8 Dedicated Four-wheel Drive Field Trucks
      • n6 Total Stations ? Sokkia Set 310
      • n1 Leicia Total Station (EFB Compatible, FDOT Approved)
      • n6 Sokkia B-20 Auto Levels
      • n6 TDS Recon 200C and 1 Allegro DOS Field PC Data Collector
      • n8 AutoCAD Stations
      • n1 Trimble Robotic Station
      • nHP Large Format Color Plotter
      • nKip3000 Large Format Color Scanner, Plotter, Copier
      • n2 Laptops equipped with Aircards
      • nGPS (2 - Trimble R8)n

      Geomatics has been instrumental in the development of several large communities by completing boundary surveys, topographic surveys, and construction stake outs.

      • Barco-Duval
      • Ghyabi & Associates, Inc.
      • St. Johns County Utilities
      • St. Johns County GIS
      • England, Thims, and Miller, Inc.
      • PBS&J
      • Horizon Capital
      • Advanced Disposal

      We utilize the  most up to date computer software:

      • MicroStation
      • AutoCAD Land Development
      • Microsoft Office Suite
      • CAiCE
      • Trimble Geomatics Office
      • Acrobat Adobe
      • EFB
      • TDS
      • VPN

      Geomatics is a ?i>hands on?service oriented company where the client comes first.