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      Welcome to Geomatics Corporation!
      揥here Service, Quality, And Professionalism Come Together?/i>


      Geomatics Corporation is a full service surveying and mapping firm established in November 1999, providing high quality surveying services to St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and surrounding communities. All work is performed under the direction of  Pablo Ferrari, P.S.M., President, and Terry Durden, P.S.M., Vice President, who together have over 50 years of surveying experience. Geomatics is licensed to provide survey and mapping services in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Geomatics has built a reputation as a firm that stresses quality and technical competence, no matter the size of the project. We understand that survey documents are the basis for future planning, design, and construction activities.

      Geomatics presently offers a wide range of surveying disciplines including Topographic Surveys, Design Surveys, Right-of-Way Surveys, Wetland Jurisdiction Surveys and Quantity Surveys for payment. The Florida Department of Transportation has qualified Geomatics to perform projects in the following disciplines 8.1 Control Surveying, 8.2 Design, Right-of-Way Construction, and 8.4 Right-of-Way Mapping. Additionally, the Georgia Department of Transportation has qualified Geomatics to perform projects in the following area classes 5.01 Land Surveying, 5.02 Engineering Surveying, and 5.03 Geodetic Surveying.




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